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formerly ~crackifiedicons [Jan. 13th, 2029|04:59 pm]


You must credit [info]caprican when you use these icons. Preferably in your comments like THIS.
No customizing my icons. If you want something different, just ask adn I'll try to accommodate.
I'd love a comment when you are taking my icons. I like to know where they're going.
do. not. hotlink. I use my own space for these, so do NOT hotlink them under any circumstances. It's completely unnecessary to do so.
General rules of be polite, and do not pass these off as your own.
This journal is friends-only. Comment to this post to be added.

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[Jan. 14th, 2028|03:16 am]
ICON directory )
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[Jan. 14th, 2027|08:38 pm]

[info]abeautifulmind, [info]capgras, [info]celtic_cherokee, [info]crackifiedicons, [info]fenostol, [info]flavoroflife, [info]forgreatjustice, [info]frakkingcylon, [info]hyrise, [info]iconsbytink, [info]icontherocks, [info]kackk, [info]killbarbie, [info]klueless, [info]moxy, [info]omnia_vincit, [info]peepjousting, [info]pictorial, [info]quorum, [info]realgirl, [info]robins, [info]seethesoldiers, [info]sodapopcurtis, [info]starkstreet, [info]thevirginqueen, [info]thewarbler, [info]tracey_york, [info]trentissima, [info]twatty, [info]buckybear

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[Aug. 11th, 2026|06:16 pm]

♥ Alex O'Loughlin
♥ Katee Sackhoff
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